PREIMA: Building a Brand and Business

The Professional Real Estate Investor Association (PREIMA) was a startup brand within a family of Real Estate Investor companies. At the time that I was recruited to lead the company, there was a desire to offer education, legislative support and group discounts to industry players.

I was challenged with developing and building PREIMA programs and offerings, brand awareness, membership, and reputation.

My Responsibilities: Responsible for All Facets of Business as Top Executive

Create & Establish Business Plan & Protocol

Build Brand Identity

Develop Programs & Incentives for Members

Here’s what I planned to do to get started:

• Develop and execute a comprehensive business plan, program offering and membership

model that outlined a cost-effective, efficient business strategy

• Create collateral that is educational and showcases PREIMA as a premium brand

• Court and pitch The Home Depot for a national partnership by neutralizing the only advantage of PREIMA’s industry competitor

• Host a large national conference for experienced investors

• Develop group incentives for the novice investors

• Build strategic partnerships with industry vendors

Making It Happen

As Executive Director of PREIMA, I established and executed a comprehensive business plan that outlined a cost-effective, efficient strategy. I developed strategic relationships with over 20 industry vendors. I developed value driven programs which acted as incentives for group membership, and built relationships across the country, including activating the first 600 new members. See the details of some of my best work with PREIMA below:

Pitching The Home Depot

I'm happy to say I won the partnership I pitched with The Home Depot, which meant breaking 30-year cycle of PREIMA's top competitor exclusively offering benefits. Securing this partnership with such a widely recognized corporation as The Home Depot has been one highlights of my career thus far. Click through for some highlights of that pitch:

The PREIMA Global Conference

I also planned the PREIMA Global Conference on The Big Island, Hawaii, and it was a success. In fact, for all of the PREIMA events I led including this one, attendance, sponsorships, speakers, and vendor numbers grew by more than 20%.

Membership Growth

PREIMA was a startup organization when I began. I knew we needed to give potential members a reason to join, and so we developed programs that provided member benefits. Just as important was to spread the word across the industry, so we made educational material to highlight these benefits.

I'm elated to say that during my time as Executive Director of PREIMA, welcomed the first 600+ new members. My time with PREIMA was challenging and busy, but productive, and the results speak for themselves. I was happy to be working to increase membership numbers, plan events, and form lasting partnerships for this organization.

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