Cerner World Headquarters: Creating a Visitor Experience

Cerner Corporation, a multi-billion dollar information technology company, enlisted me to help build out custom experiential marketing stations for a new building, their Global Vision Center.

I was given general background knowledge around the history of specific stations in the previous Vision Center that were interactive and "came to life" for Cerner guests. Cerner leadership knew they wanted this concept represented in the experience of the new building, but they were not exactly sure the what, how or where.

I contributed to and led conversations that touched all aspects of the visitor experience from the beginning phase of architectural concepts to the final mapping of the visitor journey.

For this particular project, I was challenged to ideate, research agency partners to execute, suggest location, and provide budget estimates, to make their goal a reality, and then present all of the concepts and options to the Cerner team.

My process:

• Review notes and ideas I had recorded, and start forming thoughts around

how those concepts could be adapted for this specific project. I keep a journal of miscellaneous ideas, concepts and brainstorms when the faucet of creativity comes on!

• Brainstorm some more! Jotting down any ideas that came to mind.

• Give thought to what the “ask” feels like to the visitor. Taking myself out of the weeds, to factor in comfort levels, multi-cultural visitors and the varying levels of partnership satisfaction in the guests being hosted

• Research - after the ideation phase, I had to discover what was feasible, what technology

existed, how much it would cost, and who were the right partners to execute this plan.

Here are the concept presentations for both stations that I delivered to the Cerner team:

Budget restrictions always play a role in major decisions and limited what was possible on this project, but I received positive feedback from leadership, including, “This is the first time we felt that we had a comprehensive, big picture view of what we can execute, factoring in all the various stipulations and concerns that have been floating around the team.”