Built Interior Construction: Brand Messaging and Development, Local Event, Social Media and Press

Built Interior Construction, a multi-million dollar growing company, was suffering from what I like to call “startup growth-itis”. They had been moving and shaking so much they never stopped to figure out who exactly they were and who exactly they were targeting (specifically, who the low hanging fruit of their prospect pool).

Our Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate Conversation to Establish Business Goals & Objectives

  • Lead Conversations to Establish Business Personality & Brand

  • Dive Deep Into Customer Traits for Previous 2 Years of Business

  • Write Content For Specific Topics

  • Research & Write Personalities for 7 Target Audience Characters

Based on an in-depth, daylong power session and many conversations, I was challenged to put words to who they felt they were, as well as map out who would be most attracted to working with them. From there, we continued to work together to craft and build cohesion in their brand story across all channels.

What came of that first session:

I also worked to determine Built's mission and brand tone:

Developing Characters

Based on all of our discussions and further research, I then pinpointed and wrote personalities for seven Target Audience characters. This was really fun to create! Scroll through to check those out:

Producing a Local Social Event

As an interior construction company, having an amazing space to showcase all of your capabilities is crucial! When it was time for Built to launch their showroom, which they called the Green Learning Center (GLC), I was charged with producing a social event to present it to the public.

My responsibilities:

  • Create and Track Budget for Overall Event Needs

  • Source All Promotional Materials

  • Source All Vendor Needs

  • Create All Guest Experiences + Matching Artwork

  • Engage in Press Outreach for Media Coverage

Built Interior took care of building the space, and I took care of filling the space with potential clients and putting on an unforgettable event. This project became a combination of Experiential Marketing, Event Production, and Press and Promotion.

Here’s what I did:

  • Promoted the launch of the new showroom consistently to local media outlets and Built contacts

  • Built strategic partnerships with neighboring businesses to expand brand reach and build camaraderie

  • Create a guest experience for optimal engagement, insight and activity during event

  • Source all vendor needs including food and beverage, artwork, printing, promotional give aways, and more

How it Turned Out

It all went wonderfully!

A great time was had by all, and new connections were formed as Built gained prospective clients and employees. With over 200 prospects in attendance, we massively expanded Built's prospect pool with tons of new referrals. This was a truly successful event we were proud of!

Click through to see more images and graphics from the Built GLC Launch Event:

Managing Social Media

After the success of that event, Built gave me the task of managing their social media accounts in order to grow their social media presence. My Responsibilities:

  • Fully Comprehend Business Goals & Objectives

  • Establish a Clear Understanding of Business Personality & Brand

  • Establish Editorial Authority & Content Verticals

  • Build Strategy for Optimal Engagement

  • Create Content (Written, Images & Video) for Various Social Platforms

The Built team and I discussed and established clear business goals and objectives. I provided examples of how we'd translate those into social media content, and then created content to be posted weekly, including writing, photos, and videos, for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I evaluated the strategy on a weekly basis to optimize performance.

The Results

After consistently posting for 6+ months, we saw a huge increase in reach and followers across platforms, with the most followers on Facebook and the widest reach on Twitter.

We also received consistent positive feedback about our social presence from clients and other business partners.

The greatest effect of our efforts on social media and in email marketing for Built was an enormous growth in website visitors: +306% compared to the year prior!

Pitching the Press

Built was also looking to gain brand exposure through earned media. The team had completed some high-profile projects with major partners in the Kansas City area and they desired for these projects to put them on the credibility map with other major players. My Responsibilities:

  • Engage in Press Outreach & Coverage

  • Build Strategic Relationships Internally & Externally

I was fortunate enough to work with Built for many projects; for this particular one, I wrote the attached press releases, though they were distributed by another team member. To see the Press Releases I wrote for Built, click to view the document below:

Built Press
Download PDF • 145KB

Working with Built on a range of projects was a terrific experience, and we were pleased with the results we saw across the board! Thank you to Built for giving me all of these multi-faceted projects to tackle. Questions about our work on this, or the next project for your business? Contact us at